All types of cars need auto insurance as it has been declared mandatory by the Government to have an auto insurance irrespective of the model of the car or the country in which you reside. Car insurance is a protection or coverage against any type of damage done to the car due to accidents or other man made or natural disasters that damages the car. It is in fact a matter of relief that the Government has indeed made having a car insurance mandatory as it not only protects the brand new car but also saves money of the customer on repairing costs.  Here is the all tips you need to know about how to buy insurance for new car.

how to buy insurance for new car

How to Get Insurance Quote for New Car

How to buy car insurance for new car online is the main challenge as the cost of the car insurance premium also affects ones budget and finances while purchasing the best new car. The total cost of the car includes taxes, car insurance, incentives or rebates and the price of the car itself and so the cheaper the insurance and the more new car incentives is offered by the dealer the better are the chances of striking the best deal while buying the best new cars or cheap new cars.

New car incentives and cheap car insurance added together makes the difference while buying the best new car as the total price reduces to a large extent as compared to the original price the person would have had to pay had the car insurance also had come at a high interest rate and high premium. Let’s take a look at a few ways by which one can buy car insurance for new car online from auto insurance companies.

Here is the Tips on How to Buy Insurance for New Car

  • Availing car insurance from the same auto insurance company from which one had secured life or health insurance will ensure that the individual gets benefits or discounts from that company on the premium thus enabling him/her to save almost 10-15% on the premium. If the same auto insurance company provides home insurance to the client then the insurance premium can reduce further by 10-15%.
  • Savings on auto insurance can be acquired by increasing the deductibles that one can afford. For example by increasing the deductibles from $100 to $1000 one can save up to 25% on the premium however, it is a matter of contention as to whether the auto insurance company will agree to a higher deductible.
  • Auto insurance companies also offer discounts if the vehicle they are insuring has anti theft and auto lock devices, other safety features and the VIN is etched on the windows.
  • Comparing free car insurance quotes by accessing the auto insurance companies website is another way to settle on the lowest car insurance rates.
  • A clean driving record with no history of any accidents or traffic tickets and a driver training school program attended by the individual will ensure that the lowest bid is offered on the car insurance by the auto insurance company.
  • Letting go of the collision coverage is advisable if the person has an older car worth between $1000-$2000.
  • People who do not smoke and early retirees are also offered benefits and discounts by the auto insurance companies. Also people who keep their car in a garage are better off than people who do not have a garage to keep their car as most car thefts are a result of not keeping the car in a garage.
  • Selecting a conservative car which is safe to drive as per the standards of the NHTSA as auto insurance companies consider certain cars to be more accident prone and targets of thieves that other cars. So one should gather knowledge about which cars are considered safe before making the purchase.
get insurance quotes for new car

The above mentioned points and many others are an assurance to the buyer that they will receive the best and lowest rates on the car insurance from the auto insurance companies. However, how to buy car insurance for new car before finalizing on one is a must just as negotiating with the dealer on any new car incentives is necessary to reduce the total cost of the purchase. Also Discover One Day Car Insurance for 17 Year Olds

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