Car insurance is a must in any country after buying a car. Whether it is car insurance for used cars or new small cars, it is mandatory for everyone to have an insurance on the purchased car so that in case of future mishaps the car is protected and the individual does not have to suffer loss just because his car has has been damaged due to some unforeseen event. But the question to be asked is if car insurance is so important then which type of car insurance is apt for any individual and how much should one pay towards the new car insurance?

New car insurance comes in two forms: one will cover the third party damages of up to Rs. 6000 and the second is the comprehensive car insurance which covers many aspects that might lead to the car been damaged. New car insurance which is comprehensive in its scope may include damage due to fire, theft, landslide, earthquake, riots, accidents or any other man-made or natural calamity. The second type of car insurance offers the maximum coverage and it depends on the individual availing the new car insurance on what type of coverage he wants for his car. However, while purchasing a new car one must research and be aware of the occasions or events wherein the new car insurance will not be applicable. Such circumstances include damage on the car due to drunk driving, regular wear and tear of the car, driving without valid license, electrical and mechanical failures and also threat due to nuclear war.

Before purchasing a new car it is important to know a few things about the car and the new car insurance to be secured for the car. Here are a few steps which need to be kept in mind while buying a new small car or a used car.

  • Having theft devices in your car increases chances of availing the best new car incentives or discount on the car.
  • At times car insurance companies offer a single insurance coverage to two cars simultaneously for example a new car and an already used car which is about to be sold off. Insuring the used car before selling it off will increase its value in the market and also help the buyer secure new car insurance coverage at the rate of insuring two cars.
  • Purchasing a new car and securing a yearly policy will do more good to the car than harm.
  • Do not spend too much on the car insurance if the new small car purchased is going to be in the garage for some period of time thus negating any chances of accidents or other damages.
  • Chances of availing the best new car incentives on the insurance increases when the borrower specifies the exact distance traveled by the car and by mentioning a lower mileage figure.
  • If the borrower is a member of a specific organization or an employee of an company affiliated to the insurance company then the best new car incentives on the insurance will be offered.

Last but not the least if an individual wishes to get car insurance on used or new small car accessing online sites and comparing the quotes from different insurance providers is a must as that will help the individual secure the best new car incentives while purchasing the car.


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